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Currently in development by WISE CORP and seeking more investment the new triple screen WiseDevice will cover a wide usage of currently used devices all in one place.

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    WiseDevice DK1 triple 10" model to raise funds, further develop WiseDevice will be avaliable soon for purchasing £900 *coming soon!

  • More Information

    WiseDevice is a triple screen new to the market device which competes in the SmartPhone, Phablet, Tablet, NotePad & light weight PC Desktop market, Developed by Wise Corp Limited here in the UK.

    Investment is welcome from anyone in the market wishing to venture into a new realm of mobile computing, WiseDevice is very flexible in quite a few Private, Public, Industrial and many many more markets.

  • Contact Us

    WiseDevice can be contacted through WISECORP Limited at darren(at)wisecorp.co.uk

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Pixel Space Wars

An Apple iPhone gaming application.

  • WWW Visit

    You are most welcome to visit PSW on the iTunes website for e-purchasing try clicking this link iTunes Pixel Space Wars to visit the iTunes store.

  • More Information

    Pixel Space Wars (PSW) is still an evolving and always will be Apple iPhone retro gaming application and an example of Xojo IOS game, Fully pixel driven, you shoot out the outsides of the aliens to expose the core, and shoot the core to explode the aliens! Over 100 levels and 50 aliens to contend with.

    Be aware that Pixel Space Wars requires an 64bit iPhone/iPad, iPhone 5 upwards, we'd recommend iPhone 6

  • Contact Us

    WISECORP can be contacted via eMail at darren(at)wisecorp.co.uk for any further information required about Pixel Space Wars.

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