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Welcome to WISECORP, we really have a wealth of highly profitable investments to offer investors during this stage, seeking business mentoring, WISECORP is at the heart of the enterprise zone here in Northampton and this start-up is seeking funding, investment & sponsorship locally prior to rollouts in the future.

I totally work alone on all aspects of the business currently as a start-up, totally wholly owned by myself inside and out along with the only outgoings of bare basic utilities.

Current on-going maintenance and upgrades to our data center rack includes:

  • Doubled compute, RAM, 30% increase in storage, 1Gbit connection, to our web server (completed)
  • New Mellanox 36 port Infiniband switch (expecting delivery)
  • New 80Gbps Infiniband link to every server (completed, middle of july)
  • New Doubled RAM to every backend server (completed)
  • New DELL 2U server (expecting delivery)
  • New large NetApp controller and supporting storage array (48TB completed, end of july)
  • New Direct point-2-point link with another Data Center (on-going)

After above phase is complete:

  • Two new IBM 4U servers.
  • Another 48TB Netapp storage array edition.
% Researching
% Designing
% Developing


Currently in development, designed by myself, WiseDevice will cover a wide usage of currently used devices all in one place, making for a much more flexible solution everywhere.


RapiDev this, create that.. It's rapid development and what we cannot do inhouse we can outsource just as fast, it's RAPID for a reason!


Need repairs, small devices, upgrades, other software and hardware issues sorting, get in touch to work towards a fixed solution.

VPS Services

Coming very soon we will be offering Virtual Private Server services towards the general public, pound for pound we're sure we can do better, more for you then most. We wholly own all our own equipment with very little outgoings apart from utilities.

Co-Location services

Would like to co-locate a server with a very keen start-up, we can offer you a more realistic offering compared to others. Using fully standard APC & distribution products to boot.

R & D

R&D is everything to a building an running business and WISECORP is no different in any respects, we love R&D that much you can bring yours to us too.

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It's like something out of BladeRunner!

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Best actual innovations for a StarTrek future!

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Five Stars :D

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Northamptons best kept secret in tech!

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Wonderful developing business meeting clients needs.