It's our imagination driving us.

Welcome to WISECORP, we really have a wealth of highly profitable investments to offer investors during this stage, obtaining government backed business mentoring, WISECORP is at the heart of the enterprise zone here in Northampton and this start-up is seeking funding, investment & sponsorship locally prior to rollouts in the future.

We're a bit busy provisioning our new web server, routing, page content. It's a really busy time at present an I totally work alone on all aspects of the business currently as a start-up.

% Researching
% Designing
% Developing


Currently in development by WISECORP, seeking investment WiseDevice will cover a wide usage of currently used devices all in one place, making for a much more flexible solution everywhere.


RapiDev this, create that.. it's rapid development and what we cannot do inhouse we can outsource just as fast, it's RAPID for a reason!


Need repairs, small devices, upgrades, other software and hardware issues sorting, get in touch to work towards a fixed solution.

Creative ideas

We try as best we can with any creative idea prepare and refine whatever creativeness and move it in to small production runs as a selling product and we can assist you with yours.

Sharing idea

If you would like to share ideas that you cannot complete alone, get in touch with WISECORP and we can help you, while you help us too.

R & D

R&D is everything to a building an running business and WISECORP is no different in any respects, we love R&D that much you can bring yours to us too.


If you or anyone else could help us out, that would be awesome! WISECORP is really in need for both businesses based mentoring which we are seeking, better tooling as we mainly have been using sub-standard competing machinery or machinery we have designed and built to meet the requirements of whichever task in part as time goes by. It'll be really nice if we could expand somewhat and even on the basis of that speedup, demonstration, production, which therefore equates to faster investment maybe even partners, more clients, staff.

Round of Tea

£ 10

Help us weave the future,


Booster Polo

£ 35

Feel part of us, with a polo!


booster plan

£ 1000

Help us develop the future,


payload plan

£ 10,000

Help us develop the future,


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Mark Stringler

( Designer )
Amazing RapiDev services, turn around & delivered.

Rin ka Jyo

( Designer )
Best actual innovations for a StarTrek future!

Ken A Spencer

( Hacker )
Five Stars :D

Mike Battis

( CAD/CAM Engineer )
Northamptons best kept secret in tech!

Arthur Jobb

( Hardware Engineer )
Wonderful developing business meeting clients needs.