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Racking and Stacking
By: Darren Wise

We're moving on up a U at a time! Well, 52 actually!

Really busy currently, which is the norm and just after the 14th will be installing and commissioning the first actual wholly owned CPI 52U rack, it'll be really nice to consolidate everything in to one place finally rather then having a stack here, stack there and with plenty of movement for the building start-up's future. Also with everything in one place the APC accessories can be better utilised and while all that is being installed by myself I can then get to installing automatic fire control systems and a better emergency back-up power solution in-case of brown/blackout periods.

With all that being said it'll be a lovely addition to the building datacenter and will give me allot more room to free-up some really needed space for further R&D towards the building patents leading to consumer and commercial product usage offerings that I've been working on for many years little-by-little as time has gone by.

The CPI rack is definitely a worthwhile investment not only to myself personally, for continuation of BigData compute, scientific studies but also serving clients needs whether that be co-location, VPS, Hosting or otherwise, it’ll make life much more manageable in every respect being inside one rack. I invest every penny I can muster and put it to very good usage in order to see my start-up grow!

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Racking and Stacking
By: Darren Wise

We're moving on rather nicely!

Good friday was just that with regards to taking delivery of the CPI 52u rack, looked even more amazing when assembled inside the R&D location a few hours later, even though not fully installed as yet while planning a more permanent placement, plenty of room for movement, it’s bright, white and a pleasure to work around. Some real workmanship has gone in to the development and that’s all thanks to CPI themselves, being very modular, simple to assemble, ease of future accessibility, it’s very open and welcoming to all sorts of other equipment.

With four really easy to access, opening sections at both sides even though it’s total height can be compromising to some is a blessing for gaining quick access to cabling management, installing or even plain viewing for others wishing to inspect the inner equipment and servers. I’ve actually had more trouble planning what to put where first, honestly totally spoilt for choice and at a price no-one else could find better. Retail price nearing what others would spend on a really smart very low mileage second-hand family vehicle, I’ve managed to purchase for less then what I’m mandated by the DWP for a week. While all that being said, this will last myself and the start-up for it’s entire lifetime and it’s something I doubt I would ever let go of for the foreseeable future.

It’s going to take me another week or so to really plan out how everything should be arranged and have a lot of equipment to fit inside the CPI rack, before all the servers even start to be mounted, really need to plan the extraction, using two ports between six and eight inches, (150~200mm) I should easily be able to vent the heat generated outside as I have done in the past really easily, yes it may be a bit loud but with this install I’m planning on softening the level by using insulated ducting which may help a little even though the ducting may be a little fatter and cumbersome, definitely well worth the hassle to begin with.

Had most of the required equipment years, stored in boxes from new as I’ve gone along because this has never been a fast, quick mode of thought or flash in the pan notion. In-fact most of the storage within my R&D lab is mainly new equipment just boxed and waiting to fill it’s intended purpose at some point in the future.

I’m going to get along and just do my usual which seems almost chaos to some, crazy to others but when all the ends meet, things come together and it relieves the stress of working my way along slowly for the greater outcome of the required task.

Hope everyone has a nice easter, thanks for taking the time reading!
Catagory: CPI