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By: Darren Wise

DWM Prototype test attempt

This will be the second attempt at offering a local business the use of one of my business to business consumer aimed products on a free loan basis, I mean free loan as I’d provide the entire equipment at no cost to themselves or the business for the duration of usage and willing to pay for the electric usage during the period too. All I’m asking in return is for some feedback about the product, not to be damaged, I’m willing to customise towards them too and if they are not happy I can remove at a moments notice however they could at a later date of development when the prototype becomes a better formed product get a serious discount on purchasing a more formal model.

It’s a prototype, not for sale towards anyone as yet and it’ll really boost viral media about said business in general while also offering them a revenue stream out of the product too for the free loan duration which can be cancelled at anytime by either of us.

I don’t know how to be more honest and upfront about the matter, I’m very interested in sole trader, small family ran businesses and other start-ups because I myself am within said position and I’d jump at an opportunity if it suited my start-up to have the same offer given to myself.

Targetting both male and female orientated businesses locally which are open-minded and already been given the brush-off once today which is usual and expected but as ever with products I develop I can visit however many small businesses as I wish and offer the very same elsewhere. It’s not a case of me being fussy and only selecting what suits me best the offer is open to whomever it would have suited and I always leave an open offer because that's what I’d like myself too. However if I cannot afford to build more, I cannot afford to build more and there is nothing I can do about that.

Reckon I definitely have one in the bag and we’ve visited as a family many times prior, all that’s needed now is for myself to construct the initial prototype design as I intended rather then tailor made and bending over backwards like the last time which failed and the owner wanting 51% of my start-up or hitting the highway which I’m always glad to do because as ever there are so many businesses my products suit.

Next friday I have a very short meeting with a business owner, it’ll only take five to ten minutes of time and if not going well I’ll try the next. But firstly and during this week I’ll get the required parts ordered and get started ASAP to get one of my demonstration prototypes within a local business and work from there outwards.

Below, you'll be able to see me testing the DWM Prototype in a short video I made, it's nothing to fancy but never really seen by anyone else.

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By: Darren Wise

Digital Wise Mirror!

Should be almost totally completed for finally demonstrating Digital Wise Mirror to a large number of businesses here within Northampton by the end of next month, I’ll take a month or two to visit each and every one of them that I’ve targetted using google. But for a few days prior I'll demonstrate to a few of the first businesses I approached closer to home in the beginning while goings about with a demonstration model.

Should be a very good learning experience and also teaching myself sales and a whole host of other skills you can only learn while doing. Whichever it comes too, it’ll be rather interesting to do every aspect of this venture truly alone, inside and out!

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