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Invest in WISECORP
By: Darren Wise

We're seeking some seeding, very small investment!

We’re looking for local private funding or taking on a loan to assist us with growing either way it’s paid back over a set period of time like every other. We’re not after much considering the products and services we can offer our customer base. Currently within business mentoring with Pinnacle people here in Northampton which was gifted to myself as a government backed scheme, everything is all legitimate and above board as it’s always ever been.

During the beginnings of the business mentoring which is a 10-12 week scheme, personally I’m set to complete, return a standard business plan and cash flow forecast like everyone else would be set. This has pretty much all been accomplished within the first few weeks and neither is it needed upon questioning through the process of evaluation, it’s understood verbatim.

Pinnacle people on advice from themselves have pressed me towards locally driven funding hubs of which after research for a set business model up to £25,000 is on offer in order to provide digital services and another £750,000 can be applied for and utilised towards funding for patents leading to proof-of-concept products like WiseDevice and an unnamed few others which are under very strict NDAs currently. This however is a daunting affair for myself, I totally run the start-up, develop the business inside and out, everything you see or carries the brand name is wholly owned by myself inside-and-out. No question about that at all, everything.

While this is to some a dream come true, possible patents, products, digital services in advance of there time but inevitable from my perspective and now guaranteed direct from the horses mouth as it were and this is plain media facts. It’s actually quite daunting personally for myself to even warrant signing such a deal and I was not even considering taking on a salary for the first 12-24 months of the business gaining any funding, it’s merely tooling to further R&D, contracts to insure utilities needs are met, provide better redundancy and issue better quality of service to digital product offerings towards the public and such. On the fixed fee currently lived upon in order to survive and mandated by UK/EU law I invest every single penny putting my start-up first in-order to fill the needs of the business mentoring programme again, gifted to myself on behalf of the government via pinnacle people.

If anyone ever wanted a complete bill in order to meet set needs to fully accomplish all set tasks I’ve been developing for a huge number of years alone and turn them in to mass produced products £6+ million would fit the bill lovely which is completely out of the question during this phase of development however is totally planned for as the start-up moves in to a fully formed business, Hence rather what’s needed is to get the business moving and pulling in a steady stream of cash flow before jumping ahead to quickly, to meet these set basic needs around £8000 is therefore required.

Regardless if this is met, I’m still very much going ahead as I always have but if anyone is interested on lending I can personally produce the exact sum of what the funding would be covering and even to the point of showing receipt and this is because I’ve never been out to line my own pockets, I wish I could stoop that low which I doubt to be hard for some it’s just personally with what’s funded and then invested produces a profit margin that does not require me to lower myself to greed on that scale.

I’ve not met a business yet anywhere in the world that upon offering a loan, money or anything else would refuse and a start-up business is no different, we are in need of funding.

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