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chronicle and echo
By: Darren Wise

Appearance within Chronicle & Echo

Currently going through the motions with well respected local media publication Chronicle & Echo, this is my first time dealing with local media and while it is taking a few months because nothing is free in life. They have been most welcoming to myself personally of which I'm hugely thankful for, taken the time and consideration to involve me fairly deeply in the entire process from base story to actual publication of a large format article about WISECORP, its developments and offerings!

This article will be about half of an entire page within the Chronicle & Echo and I'm really interested to commission a writer, young, old, inexperienced or professional that wishes to take part, time while working alongside me and the Chronicle & Echo to complete the process.

If you would like to hear more, assist sponsorship, advertising, media relations or anything else, please get in contact.

Catagory: C&E
chronicle and echo
By: Darren Wise

Chronicle & Echo on-going still.

Had an incredible last few months what with working on the start-up and over the next will be working towards the final design completely laid out for our very first locally driven paper medium advert. Even though we live in a near totally data driven lifestyle today and let’s be honest what can’t you do these days online that you can do offline and disconnected..

Although it’s a little past the April 1st or beginning of new tax year deadline I first set myself was not with a business mentor at the time and doing everything myself as I seen fit for the best possible outcome, working out the possible other routes that could be taken, pricing up, adjusting, working on a set laid out deal, re-sourcing and then finding other routes. But to be honest even I love paper and still myself draw up notions of machines, wild ideas on napkins, you’ll even find algorithms or sections of that I cannot keep correctly laid out written all over all sorts of things on hand while I’m working on other actual notions in-hand.

So during the next few months, saving pennies as I go and working on other designs, DTP layouts and then re-approching the local paper of which have been ever so kind and welcoming to myself you should be seeing a lovely half page advert to begin with in the chronicle & echo, I still like above mentioned firmly believe in pen and paper and it was the printing press that in some way created America as it is today (Don’t quote me on that, please) But I am sure the phrase “freedom of press” has something very much to do with the colonial periods of long ago.

All of WISECORP’s affiliates, friends & sponsors will be listed in all adverts where I can fit them in and not only that but on all business based apparel and this will be always seen in public, demonstration events, adverts and whatever else I can manage to support and assist them in showing that WISECORP is a valued supporter of other businesses regardless, while I don’t ask for a single penny from them directly nor even mandate they do the same it’s more to do with building better british business relationships regardless of global geographic location.

Just need to stick to the plan even though nothing is affixed in stone! More to come very soon hopefully.
Catagory: C&E