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By: Darren Wise

major redevelopment within R&D lab

Been redeveloping and preparing the entire floor space and not only does this include the research and development bench but also other departments which are all pretty much self contained or working there way towards a completed end result, which hopefully will move along a little quicker now that, what with mentorship provided kindly by the DWP via Pinnacle People.

So much of my personal time and life has been invested over the years that it’s about time a complete overhaul takes place in preparation on many fronts, rome was not built in a day and this again is another work in progress hopefully with a much brighter outlook in general.

Have a number of machines that are almost nearly complete and with doing so I neither have the requirement to outsource, if I’m perfectly honest even sourcing skills within said departments that’s needed to be filled would have cost myself personally thousands and thousands on a monthly basis with little great outcome and even then as mentioned finding the correct skill set and open mindedness was almost out of the question within the united kingdom.

It’s all been well planned but no final dates have been set in place because what with funding and my income overall being bare minimal I’ve learnt so far that it’s best to forget directly about setting perfect time frames and expect said outcome to roll out during that period.

This end result of the apparatus and machines I have been working on myself from the ground up will greatly assist me in being able to control everything in-house, barring of-course actual developing of flip-flops, microchips and manufacturing production quality circuit boards or mining actual minerals out of the ground, air, whatever but apart from that with regards to completing everything else from bare minimal materials and parts into an end usable product, I should be easily able to manage personally myself within the research and development lab, electronics workbench or even BigData Compute and still while servicing clients needs with other digital service offerings in the pipeline.

Cannot wait to get started! But slow and steady, belt and braces on a very very low income should have the desired effect on my product front offerings which should lead to better QoS, seeding, investing within and gaining ground within a few markets globally whereby you’d only be able to acquire said personally from myself for the time being, bespoke or otherwise totally. Even then that could be quite a number of years because if you’d realise products as a whole are used because nothing better has come about and if they do it’s because they don’t represent being able to fill another products shoes equally enough to be taken onboard by the consumer currently.

I hope to show everyone more, and hopefully get going with proper demonstration events on a B2B basis whereby seeking other investors, product designers, buyers and such will lean towards a solution from myself, gain upscaling in to another manufactured product in production by a large global brand if possible.

Pretty much, well.. Yes all B2B contracts are signed with regards in meaning I’ve spoken with them directly around the world and they are very happy to deal with me with what’s required in order to complete. it’s been a number of years remember so it’s not a quick fix solution building relationships with said other suppliers where ever they may be. But they are very happy to wait because they totally understand my position based on the information I have given them which does not and never would divulge the total end solutions being produced.

More to come soon as things move along, get finished and shown more to others within targetted markets.

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FPGA-CPLD Development
By: Darren Wise

on-going product development within R&D

The research & development bench has taken quite a change as I’ve nearly finished building the required equipment needed tooling in order to suit a totally new product I’ve been designing myself for quite a number of years, my proof-of-concept productions are very bare basic working alphas and the videos, images along with circuits and such to support the development don’t really cut it for total investment currently.

It all needs to be refined and inside a single package which is what I’ve been working towards and these pieces of equipment will enable me to further produce other models to suit others needs for testing while maintaining an easy to administer and adapt product for other businesses to think about combining with their future business or consumer products.

This should make a complete paradigm shift on the way people use some items in their daily lives and going from breadboards attached to various other electronics equipment with wires hanging about all over the place as you’d expect with any new development it will soon be a complete enclosed unit ready for testing and adaption, totally inside and out designed by myself and have been seeking some patent advice which is looking very promising indeed to obtaining either here in the UK or globally but I’m not holding my breath on the subject because patent searching even on my own desk research consumes countless hours over the years.

I’d really like to be able to demonstrate this to various markets here in the UK first but sadly at present and living on about £70 per week totally it’s very slow going, not to mention three business ventures in motion, business mentoring, finance seeking, sales of said other product ventures.. Well, I'm spread very thinly indeed but everything is going at a much faster rate now then has been prior to gaining business mentoring gifted to myself by the DWP while on JSA (Job seekers allowance) by my job coach via Pinnacle People.

This is nothing I cannot handle alone, I've prior sought out-sourcing but no one was interested unless I coughed up £20k here and there just as a retainer.. So I'm doing it totally alone rather then outsourcing or seeking partners and major investment. They could just not be bothered and neither can I with even returning calls, messages or offering assistance now. On a brighter note, I neither have to sign there NDAs and neither have to hand out my own to them. Simples!

On that note of Pinnacle People I’ve been given a much newer business mentor and am waiting for our first meeting for some further information about my first business venture relating to the digital services offerings wisecorp has to offer both consumer and businesses within the local region.

Hopefully more to come very soon but at present it’s very hush-hush or mums-the-word because to date no other product of this invention currently exists anywhere and would only be available on offer via myself on a bespoke nature but I would be seeking to approach businesses that manufacture there own items for this development to be installed too before a stand-alone product to a consumer would take place. it’s just not something a consumer would purchase as an alone product, it’s more within the parts industry currently.

I really do love nay-sayers, doubting thomases and the usual likes.. It's really good for personal motivation, hopefully when I'm finished they'll have even more nay to say afterwards, even myself..

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